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How Do Our Services Work?

Before booking your cleaning service, it’s important to understand how our pricing models work, as well as what packages and add-ons we offer. Knowing what’s available and the differences between them can help you be sure that you’re selecting the best service for your home, and can also help you avoid any surprises, such as a requote.

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Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Vs. Hourly Service

At We Take Pride we have two pricing models designed to suit customers needs depending on their situation. This is the first step to choosing your services.

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Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

Flat rate cleaning services with We Take Pride Cleaning provide upfront pricing based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home. These packages assume a standard of size and cleanliness, and the scope of work is limited by our cleaning checklist. This checklist includes everything needed to keep a normal home clean.

In rare cases, a cleaner may need to requote upon arrival if your home is much larger than a standard home of the same number of rooms, or if the cleaner deems the home to be in extreme condition (e.g. in case of hoarding or if the home has not been cleaned for a long time).

A flat rate cleaning package is best for you if you prefer to know how much you will pay in advance, or if the cleaning checklist provides all the services your home requires. It’s also suitable if you have a normal sized home which is not in extremely dirty condition.

Hourly Cleaning Services

Unlike flat rate packages, We Take Prides hourly cleaning services are paid by the hour, and you can choose how many hours you’ll need when you book your cleaning beginning with a minimum of two. Once the cleaners have completed the chosen number of hours, you have the option to add more hours or stop the cleaning. Our cleaners will not continue unless more hours are added.

This model of service is much more flexible, and customers can ask cleaners to customize their cleaning to include specific tasks which may not be on the checklist. They can also specify areas of the house to be cleaned or left untouched.

Hourly cleaning services will suit you best if you have special requests not covered by the checklist, or if you only need certain areas of your home cleaned. It will also be the most suitable service for you if your home is in severe condition and will require extra time and attention to detail.


Our Flat Rate Cleaning Packages Broken Down

Knowing which package to select is important to ensure accurate pricing if you prefer flat rates. Read below to help you determine which service your home requires.
  • Standard Cleaning: Our standard cleaning is intended for regular maintenance to keep your home clean and healthy. It assumes a certain level of existing cleanliness and includes all items on our standard cleaning checklist. Select this service if your home is regularly cleaned and needs only the basics.
  • Deep Cleaning: This service allows extra time for cleaners to pay more attention to neglected areas like tubs and showers and adds extra checklist items, including baseboards, light switches, door frames, and the outside of cabinets. Select this service if this is your first professional cleaning in the past 3 months or if your home needs a little more care.
  • Move Out Cleaning: Designed for people who don’t have the time to clean during a hectic move, this service includes a deep cleaning in addition to cleaning the insides of the fridge, oven, and cabinets. Select this service only if you are moving out of your home and it will be completely empty.
  • Heavy-Duty Cleaning: : This service is for homes that need more than just a deep clean. Reasons for this could include excessive animal fur, excessive clutter, or post-construction cleaning. If you are unsure, we may advise you to select this service


We offer the following add-ons to our flat-rate packages. Select these on the booking page before checkout:
  • Inside the Oven
  • Inside the Fridge
  • Pets
  • Garage or Patio
  • Extra Rooms
  • Interior Windows and Blinds

Please note that some of these add-ons may be required if the situation applies, such as for customers with pets.

If your home requires some other task which is not included here or as part of the cleaning checklist, then our hourly services may be best for you.

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Frequency Discounts on Flat Rate Cleaning Packages

We offer a discount to our customers who book recurring flat rate packages with us. Book one of the frequency options below and after your first service, you’ll save on every subsequent cleaning!
  • Weekly – 20% off
  • Every 2 Weeks* – 15% off *our most popular option!
  • Every 3 Weeks – 12% off
  • Monthly – 10% off

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